Silicate is an ecological raw material which can be used in new building and renovation. With its unique look and extremely powerful properties, it’s the best construction material for both industrial and residential applications.

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Why Eco Silicate Systems

Our ambition is to make a substantial contribution to a pleasant and healthy working and living environment. When using ecological raw materials, we often think first and foremost of a better environment. But know that it is also good for ourselves. It ensures the quality of life, happiness and vitality of all.

In our way of thinking and acting, the focus is increasingly on design, the environment and the responsible use of raw materials and energy. Silicate is ideal for this as a substitute raw material for cement because:

  • Ecological (EC1 plus certificate)
  • Water resistant
  • Difussible
  • Acid resistant
  • Salt resistant
  • Antistatic
  • Compressive strength (class C40 – C50)
  • Very thin (from 2 mm)
  • Finishing speed (1 to 2 days)

Silicate properties


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Silicate makes a substantial contribution to a beautiful and healthy living and working environment. It ensures the quality of life, happiness and vitality of all. We also create unique and original interiors with an exclusive and timeless total experience through the use of silicate, as a basic raw material for our cast floors.


Silicate is ideally suited as a wall finish. Possible seamless transitions and pigmentation by earthy, natural pigments ensure a truly personal touch. Due to its unique characteristics "water resistant" and "vapour open" ECO WALL can be used in showers and swimming pools without any problems.


With ECO OBJECT we cover work surfaces and furniture with silicate. This gives structure, nuances and atmosphere. In bathrooms, kitchens, offices, shops, … it’s all possible! It makes the surfaces extremely strong and resistant to all kinds of thermal, chemical and mechanical influences. ECO OBJECT adheres to almost all materials.